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Resilience and wellbeing trainer and speaker

Pinky Jangra

Pinky has 18 years of expertise in human development and has trained with some of the world’s experts in the field. In 2016 she was selected by Hay House Publishers and Psychologies Magazine as one of the UK’s top 5 New Voices in self-help. She is a writer for The Positive Psychology People and was recently featured on BBC Asian Network Radio and UK Health Radio sharing her expertise on personal growth and resilience. Pinky also understands the challenges of the modern workplace. She spent over 10 years working in management consulting and professional services delivering successful change and transformation programmes in logistics, supply chain and high profile, high pressure, Government and public sector organisations. Her resilience and wellbeing talks and trainings have been attended by thousands of people in a variety industries including the NHS, Insurance, Banking, Law firms, Charities, Management Consulting, Universities and more.

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