Pinky Jangra

Corporate Resilience Trainer and Transformational Teacher

Pinky has 16 years of expertise in human development and has trained with some of the world’s experts including Dr Gabor Maté and Dr John Demartini. In 2016 she was selected by Hay House Publishers and Psychologies Magazine as one of the UK’s top 5 New Voices in self-help and is a writer for The Positive Psychology People.

Ever since she was young, Pinky wanted to know who we are, why we’re here and she's been on an adventurous quest to know this ever since. She's fascinated by what makes us tick and what makes us sick, what makes us thrive and what helps us to survive.

As a Transformational Teacher, Pinky's teachings are rooted in her own experiences. From dealing with the adversity of childhood trauma, to handling the conflict between her family's cultural expectations and her own wishes. From big dreams in career and business to a deep and intimate desire to know her own soul and answer life's big questions.

Years of self directed learning and development have helped her to overcome many of these challenges, answer some of those big questions and she now teaches others to do the same.

Pinky has been teaching since 2016, her teachings have reached thousands of people from domestic abuse survivors to corporate employees and spiritual seekers.

Her journey of growth has and continues to lead her to the most magical and wonderful experiences. She has gained tools, knowledge and wisdom that allow her to take back her power and consciously create her own resilience, wellbeing and success no matter what goes on in the outside world.

As a Corporate Resilience Trainer, Pinky also understands the challenges of creating wellbeing the workplace. 

She has over 10 years of experience working in management consulting and professional services delivering multiple successful change and transformation programmes in high profile and complex organisations. 

Her public sector clients include the NHS, Department of International Trade, UK Space Agency, Ministry of Defence, Yorkshire Ambulance and St John Ambulance Western Australia. She’s also worked with various big brands in logistics and supply chain including Sainsbury’s, Sky and Waterstones.

Her resilience training as helped people from many different industries including banking, law firms, management consultancy and government. She is an associate trainer for GovPD and Cityparents.

What Pinky teaches

Pinky's teachings cover a symphony of powerful, profound and transformational topics that people from all walks of life have found relatable, useful and impactful.

  • Mindset, how the brain works, how our childhood creates our adulthood

  • Emotions, positive and negative, how to handle stress, anxiety and trauma

  • How you can change your behaviours to get better results, creating habitual change

  • Understanding the connection between mental and physical health and how to harmonise both

  • Connecting to your soul, accessing higher states of consciousness, intuition, creativity and wellness

  • Expressing your unique gifts and talents for deep fulfilment, being a conscious creator of your reality

Pinky's education and training

2021: Writers Genius: Natural Success Academy

2021: Creative Mastery: Natural Success Academy

2020: Creative Warrior: Natural Success Academy

2020: Alchemy For Success: Natural Success Academy

2020: Create Your Destiny: Natural Success Academy

2019: Compassionate Enquiry (Therapeutic process): Dr Gabor Maté

2018: Mind-body unity, the stress-disease connection: Dr Gabor Maté

2016: Introduction to Positive Psychology: Positive Psychology Learning, accredited by Buckinghamshire University

2015: The Breakthrough Experience: Dr John Demartini

2006: MSc, Technology and Innovation Management: University of Sussex

2004: BSc, Biochemistry with Neurobiology: University of Sussex