Pinky Jangra Online Courses: Resilience
In 2016 Pinky Jangra was shortlisted by Hay House and Psychologies Magazine as one of the UK's top 5 new voices in self help and personal development.

Whether you want to get philosophical, spiritual, metaphysical, psychological, biological, emotional or behavioural - Pinky covers them all! After all, we are multidimensional beings and a holistic approach to personal growth and healing past pains is most likely to get results.

Pinky's own journey of growth has been going for over a decade. As an Indian female born in the UK, she grew up in a very challenging environment. She knows what it feels like to be held back from freedoms of the western world, to be controlled and filled with shame and fear if she ever dared to make her own rules in life. But she dared. She works on her personal development daily to shed generations of suppression and shame that have been passed down to her, to work through healing her traumas and to connect to the pure strength of the soul.

Pinky helps people break free from their difficult past in order to build a wonderful, bright and authentic future.

In particular she works with people who have experienced abuse, offering online education and support materials as well as live workshops. The crux of her work is helping people to build resilience, which is key to bouncing back from life's challenges. She combines her own experiences, her knowledge from a decade of learning and her extensive work coaching and training in the business world to provide one of a kind, impactful, learning and development experiences for her clients which include charity organisations. Pinky also has a private Facebook Support Group for anyone who has experienced childhood abuse. You can join this group here.

Resilience is something that helps people in all areas of life, not just those who have experienced abuse. So, Pinky also shares a lot of free content to help people including blogs, videos and cartoons. Her vibrant, unique and energetic approach to personal development keeps her social media sites growing in followers on a daily basis. Check out her Facebook Page here.

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