The world has gone quite crazy in 2020/21 and many of us have felt very disempowered. We have dealt with a lot and as I type this, it's still going.

Whether you're challenged by pandemic illness, social isolation and the challenges of home schooling and home working or, by loss of your business, work and income, or the challenge of losing your freedoms, the difficulty or inability to travel, the mental health issues, stress, addictions, overeating - oh, the list goes on! It has been a time like no other... and it seems to have been totally caused by things happening outside of us. The pandemic, the response to the pandemic... everything is happening 'out there'. Everything is outside of our control. 

Well, yes, it can certainly seem that way and in many cases it IS that way. I mean, I can't control the government or the pandemic, can you?

But, not everything is out of our control. In fact, a huge part of what is extra powerful about you and I, IS within our control. You just don't know it yet. You just haven't unlocked your full power mode!

Many of us are taught to feel powerless

From a young age we are conditioned to place our power with authority figures - parents, teachers, elder family members. Later, we give our power to peers, the government and bosses. We look for them to tell us what to do, we don't trust ourselves, we look for approval, permission and fear being rejected if we don't please other people. Well, you can continue to do that if you want but it won't take you to a good place. Because, as a sovereign soul, you are MEANT to direct your own life.
pinky jangra

What you’ll learn

16 videos, 2 hours of golden content from my 16 years of experience

It feels like the world has all the power:

Why we feel powerless, how to spot it in your own life.

Embrace your emotions:

Often our own emotions are the source of our woes – we feel like rubbish and this feeling consumes us, making us feel like we have no control over ourselves let alone the outside world. Learn how to embrace your emotions and regain control over your own being.

Respond don’t react:

Powerless people react to every dog that barks. Powerful people stop, pause, reflect and respond from a higher place, choosing higher behaviours that put the power back in their own hands.

Learn to say ‘no’:

In all my years of self development and working in this industry, one of the key seeds of powerlessness is your inability to say ‘no’. In this section we’ll look at why that is and how you can stop giving away your power with every forced and insecure ‘yes’.

Know your North Star:

Powerful people know what they want, what they value, and they stick to it. They do not run their lives based on everyone else’s opinions. Learn what this means and how to do it.

Follow your inner guidance:

Feeling powerless is often a result of not trusting yourself and following everyone else’s direction and constantly seeking advice and answers from outside you. But did you know that YOU are your own guru? Understanding this and living it is critical to empowering yourself.

Create don’t combat:

The whole world is obsessed with ‘fighting against’. Fighting problems and fixing them. Nonsense. It’s hardly working out for us. That’s why problems recur over and over – because your focus creates your reality.  If you want to be powerful, learn how to create what you love instead of fighting what you hate.

Bonus tip:

This simple yet powerful tool will root you back in your power within minutes! Join the course to unlock this one.

Practise my tips over and over to get results

As with all personal growth and transformation, you have to practise and work your skills until you get better and better, stronger and stronger. That's exactly what I've done and continue to do, now more than ever. And frankly, it is AMAZING. Especially when you get to the really magical parts of self empowerment - mastering your own consciousness, being directed by your own soul and becoming a conscious creator of your reality. It's truly EPIC stuff!
pinky jangra