You are not required to live in a state of perpetual exhaustion. Let's say NO to chronic stress! Burnout is not something that happens overnight - it occurs over time as we get more and more stressed in our daily lives. But we DON'T have to let it get that far. We can spot the signs of mild and chronic stress and stop that sneaky burnout gremlin in its tracks. We can also spot these signs in other people which can help us to help them in times of need. After all, we really are in this together.

What you'll learn

8 videos, 50 minutes of powerful, practical teachings to carry with you in your daily life

What is burnout and two keys to recovery:

How to recognise burnout and see if you’re on the slippery slope so you can catch it early before it gets really bad! The two keys to recovery – self-compassion and intuition are critical.

Step 1: Reflect

How to understand what is causing YOU to burnout. A practical exercise to help you take stock – what’s filling you up and what’s draining you? Once you have this powerful knowledge and self awareness you can move forward.

Step 2: Refuel

Contrary to popular belief, fixing all your problems is NOT how to recover from burnout – it’s actually the way to make it worse! In this section you’ll learn how to refuel and why this is the only way to recover effectively.

Step 3: Recover

Nope, it’s not an overnight thing, recovering from burnout. Understand the journey you will go on and how to navigate it to get the best results and avoid falling back into your old ways and problems – it can even be an enjoyable healing journey if you follow this approach!

Do you want to recover from burnout?

And equip yourself with knowledge and tools that will stop you burning out again?